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Is Your Wholesale Solar Panels Supplier Doing This for Free?

With higher demand and an array of government incentives available for sustainable construction, solar panels have become a popular choice for residential and commercial building energy solutions.

But solar energy contractors need the process of solar panel installation to be as smooth and worry-free as possible. From putting together permit paperwork to installing the panels themselves, contractors may experience unnecessary headaches—design flaws and labor costs, to name a couple—every step of the way.

But by partnering with the right wholesale solar panels supplier, contractors can complete jobs more efficiently. Here are a few insights and tips for solar energy contractors to improve their business, save serious capital, and ultimately attract more clients.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Solar Panels Supplier

By working with the right wholesale solar panels supplier, contractors can help guarantee their installation projects are completed on time, without any hiccups.

The solar energy market has been growing at almost 50% each year for the last decade. With the rise of solar energy usage, contractors might have a hard time finding a truly cost-effective solar panels supplier who also provides quality products and dependable services.

Contractors should make sure that their supplier offers solutions that work with the client’s budget. But more importantly, they’ll need the supplier to provide:

  • Project support to meet local building code standards: Local safety and building code requirements are updated regularly, at least every three years when new international code standards are adopted. Contractors need to ensure their solar panel installations are compliant with the most recent building code cycle and can pass inspections.
  • Design support to ensure your client’s project success: No one likes a callback, and the right supplier will help installations go according to plan (and according to the client’s expectations).
  • Dependable customer service: Sometimes you don’t have all the answers. Having technical support during a project can ensure its success with less headaches (and less potential for mistakes)!
  • Quality materials and equipment: Besides meeting local code standards and budget requirements, the equipment and products selected should also be industry-tested and dependable.

When a wholesale solar panels supplier can help contractors meet the growing demand for successful solar energy installations, the benefits extend beyond more energy-efficient buildings. Having a partner in the process of solar energy system installation can help contractors build a better business.

How Working With The Right Supplier Builds Better Business

Any stakeholders in a project, from the architect to the owner, depend on solar energy contractors to work with dependable and high-quality materials and suppliers.

When contractors work with Solerus Energy, they know their installation projects come with the support they need to complete a project. That’s because Solerus Energy offers a few services that not all wholesale solar panels suppliers offer.

Design Services + Permit Packages

Solerus Energy offers services to help contractors design the solar energy system their clients specified. If there isn’t already a design drawn up, we can walk contractors through the process and provide system design documents. Not only that, Solerus Energy will help contractors with the paperwork needed to pull appropriate permits for the project.

Premium Quality Equipment

Solerus Energy’s equipment is attractive to professionals because it’s so budget friendly. But contractors don’t just save on costs by using Solerus Energy. As a trusted supplier, we offer a selection of industry-recognized brands and quality panels. All materials are made according to required code standards and certifications, so contractors know they’re working with dependable solutions.

Support Services During (and After) Installation

Solerus Energy provides technical support during and after installation, and assists contractors in completing a Bill of Materials. The technical staff is NABCEP-certified to help contractors with design, permitting, and construction. If a contractor needs any structural analysis on-site, Solerus Energy also maintains 3rd party partnerships with engineers to help with planning and design.

The Future of Solar Energy

The demand for solar design in residential and commercial construction isn’t going anywhere. Solar energy use is on the rise, especially with innovations in new materials, better technology, and more cost-effective products available. And with local and federal incentives for more energy-efficient construction solutions, solar energy is sure to stay on trend.

Solar energy contractors can stay ahead of their competition and guarantee premium quality installations when they work with the right wholesale solar panels supplier. Solerus Energy’s design and support services can ensure that projects go smoothly and solar energy contractors find better business success.

If you’re interested in learning more about Solerus Energy and our commitment to service, sign up for our contractor’s discount and learn more about working with us.