Choosing the Right Solar Setup

Deciding on the best setup for your solar installation might seem a bit daunting. Solora Solar is your expert guide, following industry best practices and customizing each install.

The Choice Is Yours

We know many homeowners wish to educate themselves on residential solar setups — especially because going solar can be a big investment. Here’s a quick look at different types of solar installations.

Grid-Tied Solar System

Grid tied system probably the most common and simplest system and majority of these system installed either on the roof or on the ground directly connected to the Grid via main service panel and feedback to the grid through a net-metering agreement with a Utility company.

Grid-Tied With Storage System

The battery storage serves multiple purpose, firstly it provides backup power during power outage and blackouts. But more importantly, it allows customer to use their battery storage at peak rate hours and re-charge it from Grid when the Utilities rates are lower.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems

An off-grid residential system is completely disconnected from the traditional electric power grid