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Solaria PowerXT Review: 320 Watt 320R-PX

All solar panels are certainly not created equal, but the differences are much more significant than style or slight variations in energy efficiency. In this post, we will look at the Solaria PowerXT 320 Watt 320R-PX and what sets it apart from other industry products.

High Energy Output and Durability

Solaria uses a patented cell cutting and module assembly method to create a panel design with less inactive space between solar cells than conventional solar panels, thus allowing the Power XT 320 Watt 320R-PX to optimize the entire panel surface to generate energy.

Solaria PowerXT solar cell modules have achieved more than 19% efficiency, compared to conventional modules, which most often range between 15% to 17% efficiency.

Solaria uses a ribbon-less interconnection method to connect and overlay cells in an energy-efficient shingle formation which allows more cells to be placed in each model and which does not use bus bars (components that can cover as much as 3.5% of the panel surface and significantly reduce energy production).

This ensures maximum energy output per square meter. 320 Watt 320R-PX panels are created with a patented sub-string assembly method that avoids the inflexibility and durability issues of soldered cells. Solder-less interconnected cells are considered far more durable than those that are soldered in a module.

Over time, the more durable high output solar panels can create exponential savings for your customers even with variable sunlight and unpredictable seasonal weather changes.

The PowerXT 320 Watt 320R-PX Offers Best-in-Class Shading Performance

Shading performance promotes whole-home efficiency but is often overlooked. On the PowerXT, parallel connections between high-density solar cell substrings limit shading loss, a significant contributor to low energy production.

Why an Iron-Clad Warranty and Product Quality Go Hand-in-Hand

The PowerXT panel has fewer failure points than other products, but despite its high performance, Solaria offers an industry-leading 25-year linear power warranty, helping your clients rest assured that their investment is protected.

PowerXT Modules are SB-1 Certified

PowerXT modules are certified as UL 1703 with a Type 1 Fire Rating. Additionally, they and an IEC 61215/61730 certification. All PowerXT products appear on the California Energy Commission’s “Go Solar California” website for SB-1 compliant products.


Max Power (Pmax) 320 W
Efficiency 18.7 % to 19.4%
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 44.3 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.36 V
Max Power Voltage (Vmp) 36.5 V
Max Power Current (Imp) 8.77
Power Tolerance -0/+3 %
Temperature Coefficients
Temperature coefficient (Pmax) -0.40 % / ºC
Temperature Coefficient (Voc) -0.32 % / ºC
Temperature Coefficient (lsc) 0.05 % / ºC
NOCT 45 +/-2
Mechanical Specifications
Cell Type Monocrystalline Silicon
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1621mm x 1056mm x 40mm
Weight 20 kg / 44 lbs
Glass Type / Thickness AR Coated, Tempered / 3.2mm
Frame Type Anodized Aluminum
Cable Type / Length 12 AWG PV Wire (UL) / 1000mm
Connector Type Amphenol H4 (MC4 compatible)
Junction Box IP67 / 4 diodes
Front Load (UL 1703) 5400 Pa / 113 psf
Rear Load (UL 1703) 3600 Pa / 75 psf
Design Parameters
Operating temperature -40 to 85 ̊ C
Max System Voltage 1000 V
Max Fuse Rating 15
Bypass Diodes 4
Stacking Method Horizontal / Palletized
Pcs / Pallet 25
Pallet Dims 1668 x 1120 x 1254 mm
Pallet Weight 560 kg / 1235 lbs
Pallets / 40-ft Container 28
Pcs / 40-ft Container 700
Certifications / Warranty
Certifications UL 1703/IEC 61215/IEC 61730/CEC
Fire Type (UL 1703) 1
Power & Product Warranty 25 years

The Solaria PowerXT 320 Watt 320R-PX also Works with Microinverters and Power Optimizers

The Solaria PowerXT 320 Watt 320R-PX offers higher power output than conventional solar panels, but the voltage and module design is nonetheless still compatible with leading Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) systems from Enphase, SolarEdge and APSystems.

The following chart lists common MLPE products and corresponding Solaria compatible product numbers. It is wise to check current MLPE product specs with the manufacturer or supplier listed before purchasing.

Product Type Company Product ID
Microinverter Enphase M250, C250, S280
DC Optimizer SolarEdge P320, P400, P405, P700, P730
Microinverter Darfon G320, MIG300
Microinverter APSytems YC500A, YC1000-3

Solaria is committed to making solar energy accessible to more homeowners.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a program that makes low-interest, long-term funding for solar and renewable energy projects available to more homeowners. Projects may be financed and then paid back as an assessment through a homeowner’s annual property tax bill. PACE offers financing terms of up to 20 years with no up-front costs to homeowners.

Learn more about PACE financing.

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