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SolarEdge Inverter Review: SE7600A-USS HV StorEdge Hybrid 1-Ph

SolarEdge is one of the most respected brands in the solar industry, and its reputation is well-earned. With its range of power optimizers, inverters, and monitoring systems, the company has almost single-handedly redefined how PV systems are designed, installed, and monitored.

And with the emergence of home battery storage, SolarEdge is setting new benchmarks in hybrid inverters as well.

The SolarEdge SE7600A-USS HV StorEdge is a transformerless, single-phase hybrid inverter for use in solar and battery systems. With a rated AC output of 7600w, the StorEdge hybrid inverter is strong enough to power an entire single-phase household or business.

In combination with its power optimizers, SolarEdge eliminates high DC voltages and enables Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at an individual panel level. With the addition of battery storage, system owners can maximize PV self-consumption and maintain power in the event of a grid failure.

The inverter comes with a 12-year warranty as standard, and this can be extended up to 25 years. Compact and lightweight, the SolarEdge hybrid inverter contains everything needed for an efficient PV solar and battery system.

DC Coupled for Greater Efficiency

SolarEdge’s Hybrid inverter is a DC-coupled solution that minimizes DC-AC conversion losses. And combined with SolarEdge’s DC power optimizers, the system’s efficiency is increased from each panel to the end consumption point.

Many hybrid systems convert DC solar power to AC, only to change it back to DC again to store in the battery. When power is drawn from the battery, it must be converted back to AC once again. These conversions reduce efficiency and lower the amount of PV generation that is turned into usable power.

The SolarEdge DC-coupled solution takes DC power from the solar array and stores it directly in the battery. When electricity is drawn from the battery, it is converted to AC by the inverter, meaning there is only one DC-AC conversion in the entire process. This DC coupling improves the efficiency of the whole system and results in higher self-consumption of PV generation.

With a peak inverter efficiency of 98%, the SE7600A-USS presents one of the most advanced hybrid inverters on the market.

Backup Power During Grid Interruptions

In addition to maximizing PV self-consumption, the SE7600A-USS can also provide backup power in the event of a grid failure. With selected loads wired into a dedicated circuit, the SolarEdge hybrid inverter can provide up to 5000w of backup AC power directly from the battery. This can be especially useful for lighting, refrigeration, entertainment devices, and security or computer systems. Battery information is available via the cloud-based monitoring platform, allowing system owners to track their battery charge and power usage.

The change from grid to backup power is virtually instantaneous, ensuring no interruption in power supply and no risk to sensitive equipment. When mains electricity is restored, the inverter automatically reconnects and powers the house from the grid, PV, and battery system.

Remote System Monitoring

When combined with its electricity meter, SolarEdge’s monitoring platform allows solar owners to view important system information from anywhere in the world. Via a web-based app, owners can view solar PV production, self-consumption, battery state of charge, and other vital factors. This visibility allows owners to maximize PV self-consumption and utilize time-of-use electricity rates. In the event of grid interruption, owners can monitor their remaining battery supply and view real-time household power use.

Due to the unique nature of SolarEdge’s power optimizers, owners can view energy production at an individual panel level. This improved visibility is particularly useful for identifying faults or underperforming panels which may otherwise go unnoticed.

Compatible Battery Systems

The hybrid inverter is compatible with several popular lithium-ion battery systems. This includes the LG RESU 10H and the Tesla Powerwall, both of which can supply 9kWh+ of usable AC battery power. This selection provides more flexibility when designing a system, and ensures the battery is the best fit for the application. For system buyers, it offers broader choices in brand selection, pricing, and warranty.

The StorEdge SE7600A-USS Hybrid Inverter has all of the efficiency, flexibility, and hardware needed to create an effective solar and battery system. With technical assistance available from SolarEdge and its dedicated supply partners, contractors and system owners alike receive the benefit of ongoing product support.

Building on SolarEdge’s power optimizer and monitoring experience, and with the incorporation of DC-coupled technology, the StorEdge inverter provides an all-in-one solution.

It allows owners to maximize PV self-consumption, maintain power during grid interruption, and benefit from higher long-term savings.

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