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SolarEdge HD Wave Review: SE3800H-US Single Phase 3.8KW Inverter

SolarEdge’s Innovative Inverter Topology

SolarEdge HD Wave is a straight-forward, more cost-effective, more reliable solar inverter. This is due to the fact that Maximum Power Point Tracking and voltage management are handled separately for each solar module by the SolarEdge power optimizer. Therefore, the single-phase inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. According to, “The fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times independent of string length and temperature” and the “record-breaking 99% efficiency allows more energy production for an improved ROI.”

SolarEdge systems have long held a large market share in the US but only recently surged in popularity in Australia which has over 2 million rooftop solar installations. European sales have also grown rapidly as both customers and installers realise the benefits of individual panel-level monitoring to help prevent and troubleshoot faults or performance issues. ~Clean Energy Reviews

According to Clean Energy Reviews, SolarEdge also offers a range of free tools to help installers and designers, including the SolarEdge site designer that matches optimizers and inverters to selected solar modules and estimates performance. SolarEdge’s free, cloud-based system monitoring portal distinguishes itself among the competition by offering “detailed panel level monitoring, plus a suite of smart home control features which can be used to control home appliances and specified loads with the additional SolarEdge smart energy products.”

SolarEdge Monitoring Portal. Source: Clean Energy Reviews

Key Features

The SolarEdge single-phase inverter with HD-Wave technology breaks the mold of traditional solar inverters. Winner of the prestigious 2016 Intersolar Award and the renowned 2018 Edison Award, the single-phase inverter is specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers. It comes with a built-in DC safety switch, integrated rapid shutdown, and features a standard 12-year warranty extendable to 20 or 25 years.

The newest product from SolarEdge, the HD Wave SE3000H-US is a 3kW single-phase grid-tie inverter, weighing at 25.3lb while having a record 99% CEC weighted efficiency.

SolarEdge HD Wave Highlights:

  • Award-winning technology: winner of the 2016 Intersolar Award
  • More energy from a record 99% CEC weighted efficiency
  • Improved reliability with less heat and thin-film capacitors
  • Single person installations <25.5 lbs, 50% less than the current generation
  • More modules on the rooftop with up to 155% DC/AC oversizing
  • Faster commissioning with automatic optimizer ID and string assignment detection
  • Meets NEC 2014 and 2017 Code with Integrated Automatic Rapid Shutdown upon AC grid disconnect
  • Optional integrated revenue grade meter with ±0.5% accuracy

Inverter Dependability Matters

According to Solairgen, “During the first 10 years in service, the chance of failure within a PV system is approximately 10%. Inverters and other electronic devices account for 85% of all those PV system failures.” While only one in 2,000 modules will fail in the first 25 years, you don’t want that one failure to be yours. Given that components with complex electronic circuitry are the most likely to fail, you want to make sure that the inverter you choose is highly rated by experts, properly installed, and operates efficiently. This minimizes the chance of failure from three of the four main causes: manufacturer defects, improper installation, and operating stress (only accidents are largely outside your control).

SolarEdge HD Wave is backed by a low reported failure rate, 12-year inverter warranty, and 25-year optimizer warranty.

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The Important Take-Away

Solar inverters are the most likely component to fail in most solar installations. When you choose your inverter, you want one backed by a low reported failure rate, 12 year inverter warranty, and 25 year optimizer warranty, which make it “easy to see why SolarEdge optimised systems are surging in popularity around the world” (Clean Energy Reviews). Combined with Solerus’ design services and ability to fill your complete BoM, you’ll be able to provide unparalleled value to your customers.

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