3 Expert Solar Lead Gen Tips for Contractors

With residential solar government incentives expiring in 2022, how can solar contractors utilize solar lead generation? Are there any tips that work particularly well for solar contractors having a hard time generating leads?

With residential and commercial solar owners facing a declining federal solar tax credit, contractors need to use the best solar lead gen tools available to ensure continuing sales even as federal tax incentives decline.

1. Purchase Solar Leads

Companies like SolarReviews and EnergySage spend millions each year on content creation and still only generate a few hundred leads per day across the whole nation. It is very difficult for a small installer to spend the same amount on content or online marketing as much of the spend would ultimately generate leads outside their service area. Even the largest solar installers can’t match this investment and buy leads from solar lead generation companies. —SolarReviews

In one of its articles, SolarReviews asks, “Should I Buy Residential Solar Panel Installation Leads or Generate My Own in 2020?” Keeping in mind that SolarReviews is a solar lead vendor itself, the article warns that “generating your own web leads is not easy.” The author relates, “Although I obviously take the view that SolarReviews’ qualified solar leads will generate the lowest cost of acquisition I acknowledge these leads are also the most expensive and so you may want to try several lead vendors.” The author goes on to compare SolarReviews with competitors Clean Energy Experts and EnergySage.

In this article, “Who Has the Best Solar Leads in 2019?,” Solar-Estimate’s Andrew Sendy likewise concludes that SolarReviews is considered to have the best leads: “They are the most expensive in terms of lead cost but usually yield the lowest cost of acquisition.”

2. Do Your Own Solar Marketing

SolarReviews does a good job of explaining why the content you publish on your website doesn’t rank as highly as the content published by SolarReviews and EnergySage, as well as why you will likely spend more per qualified lead with a service like Google AdWords than simply buying leads from a reputable solar lead generation company.

However, Solar-Estimate comes to the opposite conclusion:

For small and medium solar energy companies Google AdWords is probably a better option than organic web content. AdWords is also hard to do well, but at least here you have an advantage over the big solar websites because a lead can be worth $12,000 in gross margin if it converts to an 8kw solar job. To a solar lead generation company, the same lead will only ever be worth between $50 and $200, the amount they get from selling that lead to their solar partners. —Solar-Estimate

Commercial Construction & Renovation magazine asks, “Should You Buy Solar Leads or Generate Your Own?” and concludes the latter, citing such drawbacks to buying solar leads as quality assurance, exclusive rights, freshness factor, and of course, expense. On the other hand, the benefits of in-house lead generation include forever traffic, better coverage, quality control, low-pressure sales, and less guesswork.

SureOak lists its “Top 9 Solar Lead Generation and Marketing Ideas,” which include the following:

  • Formulate industry-specific solar marketing ideas.
  • Know that solar lead generation companies must cross the chasm.
  • Put a strong referral system in place.
  • Favor education over advertising.
  • Use videos to garner trust and display your work.

Photos and videos, e.g., Instagram and YouTube, should be your best friends, especially if you are educating the public over advertising.

SureOak also warns: “Don’t buy solar leads from a vendor . . . Numerous solar lead generation companies offer lists of leads at a pretty penny. These leads are very often outdated, irrelevant and filled with the names of people who simply don’t want to be called by you.” Of course, SureOak is selling SEO services of its own, so as in all cases, the truth likely lies somewhere between the extremes of purchasing all solar leads versus generating all leads on your own.

3. Your Present Customers Are Your Best Source for Leads

While evaluating solar lead gen options, do not overlook your present customers. The single greatest predictor of future solar is installed solar; when people see their neighbors installing solar on their homes and businesses, they are more likely to purchase solar themselves.

Solerus Can Help!

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Solerus Energy can help you focus on growing your customer base, whether you are a residential or commercial contractor, at discount prices. Your customer base is your greatest source of new customers.

Solerus is a trusted solar energy equipment supplier, empowering contractors to develop agile solutions for commercial and residential clients. We provide a range of best-in-class solar products that are backed by an industry-leading 25-year warranty, designed to provide you with unparalleled peace of mind.

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