solar customer acquisition cost

Why Solar Customer Acquisition Cost Is So High

Today’s solar equipment installers face the challenges of both a high demand for quality products and solar customer acquisition costs. To stay ahead of competition, solar contractors need solutions for finding and keeping customers.

Solar customer acquisition costs are high because competition is fierce in today’s solar industry. But winning customers and keeping your solar contracting company in business doesn’t have to cost you more time or money.

The Growing Demand for Solar Energy

The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that residential solar installations reached a new high in 2019: “Solar accounted for 40% of all new electric generating capacity in the U.S. in 2019, its highest share ever and more than any other source of electricity.”

Today’s homeowners want more solutions for sustainable energy. That means competition in the solar marketplace is also on the rise. More innovative products are being tested and manufactured every day, and in order to keep up with this growing industry, solar contractors need new strategies to win new customers.

Cutting Solar Customer Acquisition Costs

Solar customers have many choices when it comes to solar energy products. So, the best way for solar contractors to win new customers is by making that choice as easy as possible for them.

This doesn’t mean you need to heavily discount your prices to win a client. By using a few smart strategies, solar contractors can attract customers and stay in business despite heavy competition.

1) Get a referral program going.

One of the best ways for solar contractors to win more business is via your existing customers. “A happy army of satisfied customers can do a lot of legwork for you,” the marketing experts at HubSpot point out. Referral programs pay off big because people trust word-of-mouth marketing more. When word-of-mouth referrals make up 20-50% of most purchasing decisions (especially for new businesses and in emerging markets), why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Give your existing customers even more reason to recommend you, and offer them extra incentives after you’ve installed their solar equipment. Follow up with a maintenance check, or give them discounts on additional purchases. This kind of dedication to your customers helps establish more trust between you and shows them that you’re not just there to make a buck off of a quick installation.

2) Partner with industry-relevant firms and businesses.

Solar contractors should develop professional connections to help with their business growth and create goodwill in their communities. But partnering with companies just outside of (but still related to) the solar energy space might create new sales channels for everyone involved.

“Creating mutually beneficial relationships is key to making a partner channel work,” writes Renee Yeager for Entrepreneur. “You need partners that are just as invested in selling your product as you are. Ideally, you want a symbiotic relationship like those found in nature: two entities working together to thrive.”

Solar contractors can find ways to work with solar hot water or insulation materials companies or even with local home builders. Strategic partnerships like this can help your contracting business grow and further reduce new solar customer acquisition costs.

“A great way to ensure your channel partners continue to promote your product or solution is to provide them with great resources and sales tools they’ll be eager to share with their customers,” recommends Yeager.

3) Work with products you can count on.

Finding new customers can be a challenge for solar contractors, but if you don’t install a product they love, you’ll have more things to worry about.

Solar contractors need high-quality solar products that they (and homeowners) can depend on, both during installation and after the job is done. For homeowners, installing solar products comes with a certain amount of risk. “This applies any time you hire someone to come into your home, but solar combines the logistics of a home improvement project with the risks of electrical work,” according to CityLab.

Work with premium solar energy products, and you won’t have to worry about call-backs or product replacement after installation. When contractors help their clients choose solar products that perform to the highest standards, everyone wins.

A Solar Partner You Can Trust

Today’s solar energy industry has grown rapidly in the last few years, and solar contractors need the right partners to help navigate the vast amount of change.

When solar contractors work with Solerus Energy, they’ll benefit from the decades of installation and product experience that we offer all our customers. Our staff is certified and trained to help with any solar installation, and we’ll even walk with you through your design to ensure that your project goes smoothly, from equipment pricing to permits and technical support.

Solerus Energy is a solar equipment supplier that’s helped contractors, firms, and DIYers alike install premium solar products they can depend on. Want to see what solutions we offer? Take a look at our products page here!