Did you know you can install a DIY solar system on your home in as little as a weekend?

Our DIY and installation area provides great material and videos for homeowners who want to install solar themselves, or installation companies and contractors who want to reference all their needs for solar installation.

DIY Overview

Solerus Energy DIY Solar Installation Overview

1.4kW DIY Solar Grid Tied Enphase Permit Self Install

Solar Racking and Roof Attachments

IronRidge Racking Installation Guide

Unirac Racking Installation Guide

Solar Inverters

SolarEdge Inverter Installation Guide

APS Micro-Inverter Installation Guide

Enphase Micro-Inverter Installation Guide


How To Size Your Off-Grid Solar Batteries

If you are designing a solar electricity system and don’t have access to the grid, you are going to have to deal with batteries. When you start looking at solar batteries you are going to encounter a little math. Fortunately… Read More