Xantrex XW Configuration Tool Xanbus USB Adapter (865-1155-01)

  • Save Configuration Settings
  • Analysis
  • System Logging
  • Firmware Upgrades
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The Xantrex™ XW Config tool is a PC-based software tool for configuring the Xantrex XW System. Configuration can be performed at two different levels:

System Level Configuration:

Using the XW Config Wizard in any of its 3 different selections: Express for quick basic setups, Expert for more advanced configuration, and From File for downloading previously saved configurations.

Individual Device Configuration:

For all XW devices, which include XW inverter/chargers, XW charge
controllers, XW system control panel, and XW automatic Generator Start.

The XW Config tool is meant to aid dealers and installers simplify, or even expedite, the configuration and/or troubleshooting of an XW System, thus optimizing the time spent in the field.


To install and operate XW Config tool the following is required:

  • Personal computer or laptop running Windows XP
  • USB-to-Xanbus adapter to connect the XW System to the PC
  • USB-to-Xanbus adapter driver (downloadable from web page)
  • XW Config software (downloadable from web page)
  • Standard CAT 5 cable (14ft /4.25m)
  • The USB-to-Xanbus adapter can be purchased as part of the XW Config package, which includes all of the above items.

The XW Config tool allows saving different system configurations in a computer file to be used at a later time to restore or download configurations into a system, review settings, or to download a configuration and use it as a template on similar installations.

XW Config offers a detailed analysis view of the XW power system allowing the identification of any problems with the system configuration, including incompatible settings on different devices, problems with AC and DC connections, and master/slave assignments.

The XW Config tool can log any real-time parameter broadcasted from any device on the Xanbus network and be able to import it into a spreadsheet program, or even have the log file sent via email or
sent to an FTP repository once the log is complete. Several timing parameters can be specify, such as logging interval and logging duration, and be able to schedule a start time and set an automatic
restart for continuous logging.

Upgrade the firmware on any device connected to the Xanbus network. Firmware can be downloaded to every device in the system or to selected devices. A bar graph indicates the progress of the download per device and total progress.

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