Wiley Electronics WEEB Grounding clip for Haticon and Renusol WEEB-CCR

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WEEB Grounding clip for: Renusol VS, S:Flex, Green Sun Rising Mount4solar and Haticon Solar.

The WEEB line of products is designed to bond solar PV modules to mounting structures and create an electrical path to ground. WEEBs eliminate the need for older, more costly grounding methods and greatly reduce the amount of labor and materials used in installations. The innovative WEEB design removes the need to run a ground wire to each individual module and eliminates the need for surface preparation on anodized aluminum components. To install, WEEBs are placed between PV modules and mounting rails at clamping points or at bolted connections. When anti-seize is applied and the hardware is tightened down to the appropriate torque spec, the WEEB’s specialized teeth embed into anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, or any electrically conductive metal to establish a gas tight electrical connection.

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