Trojan L16RE-2V Deep-Cycle Battery | 2V 1110AH

Trojan L16-RE-2V Description:
The Trojan L16RE-2V (L16RE2V) is a 2V Deep Cycle Battery capable of 1235 Amp @ 100 Hr. rate or 722 Amp @ 20 Hr. rate. Specifically, the L16-RE-2V (L16RE2V) was designed to have a battery life of at least 10-years and, when purchased, comes with an 18-month warranty. The L16-RE-2V (L16RE2V) can also operate under extreme conditions such as high and low temperatures and remote locations. Since the L16-RE-2V (L16RE2V) is a part of the Trojan Premium Line, it has advanced features: Trojan’s Maxguard XL separator, DuraGrid, and Alpha Plus Past technologies, which all provide rugged durability, superior performance and exceptionally long life.

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Product Specifications

  • Premium Line with SMART CARBON
  • Manufacturer: Trojan
  • Model: L16RE-2V
  • Voltage: 2V
  • 5-Hr Rate: 909Ah
  • 20-Hr Rate: 1110Ah
  • 100-Hr Rate: 1235Ah
  • 1,600 Cycles @ 50% DOD
  • 5 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 119 lbs
Dimensions 11.67 × 6.95 × 17.56 in