Zomeworks UTRF-072 Passive Tracker

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Since 1980, more than 19,000 Zomeworks single axis trackers have been installed, in different climates, on nearly every continent in the world. Track Racks™ are highly cost-effective components for domestic and industrial photovoltaic power systems; water pumping systems; cathodic protection systems; and traditional power utilities.


The sun’s heat moves liquid from side to side. This action allows gravity alone to turn the Track Rack to follow the sun—therefore no motors, no gears and no controls to fail.

The Track Rack features an early morning, rapid-return system. Shipped partially assembled, it’s easy to install and is module specific.


Zomeworks Trackers are polar, single-axis type. All of our trackers move through 90 degrees of rotation. The inclination of the tracking axis can be manually adjusted to optimize the performance throughout the year (in the Northern Hemisphere this means “steeper” in the winter and “flatter” in the summer). This design is very effective, significantly increases module efficiency and results in a strong, simple, reliable tracking system.


Major rack components are of welded steel construction. Years of building solar racks has shown that welded steel construction holds up the best – whether it’s wear and tear from years of wind exposure, extreme temperature variation or severe weather events. Steel components give our racks an edge on strength and long term durability.

Module mounting rails are made from 6000-series heat treated aluminum. Our aluminum mounting rails are designed to withstand the same conditions as the welded components, but offer more flexibility and options for mounting and also do not require the use of paint. The wall thickness has been increased to resist fastener “pull-out” and provide an extra margin of strength.


Zomeworks Track Racks are designed to follow the sun within +/- 10 degrees. This level of accuracy allows solar modules to capture better than 98% of available light. Tracker alignment can easily be fined tuned with small adjustments to the aluminum “shadow plates”.


All mechanical things need maintenance at some point. The heart of Zomeworks tracking system has no moving parts or electronics – requiring only the heat from the sun. All of our tracking racks only require 2 bearings for movement. The bearings on our smallest rack are maintenance-free, and the larger models have a grease fitting for periodic re-lubrication.


Six standard UTR and UTR-F Track Racks fit all common photovoltaic modules. The UTR020, UTRK040 and the UTRF072, -090, -120 and -168 are named for the number of square feet of module area they hold. To determine which size single axis tracker you need for your modules, see the Spec Sheet.


The Track Rack is broken down and packed into one to five boxes (depending on the size of the rack).


All Track Racks are warranted for 90 mph winds 3 second gusts.


  • UTR-020
  • UTRK-040
  • UTRF-072


  • UTRF-090
  • UTRF-120
  • UTRF-168

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Weight 490 lbs
Dimensions 433 × 52 × 32 in