Tigo EI Residential Residential Storage Solution

The Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Solar Solution includes an Inverter, Battery, and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) to enable fast, flexible, and dependable installations (only available in the US).


Home solar installations that are: Fast. Flexible. Dependable.

The Tigo residential solar plus battery storage solution is designed for the installer, homeowner, EPC’s, and financiers.

Fast: More installations in less time

  • Each TS4 installs in ~10 seconds – no ground wire, bolts or wrenches
  • Commission a complete system in <10 minutes
  • Bulk scan process for rapid device placement

Flexible: Scalable solutions for any home

  • Utilize the most energy efficient optimizers or further reduce cost with mandatory rapid shutdown devices
  • Tigo EI storage solution can be deployed as both AC or DC coupled for retrofit or new installations
  • Modular battery with common enclosure for inventory management

Dependable: Industry-leading warranties & support

  • Longest warranties in the business
  • Tigo support picks up the phone
  • Site-specific support available directly through Tigo EI App
  • Reliable, bankable solutions

The best residential storage solution available

Based on analyzing >900TB of global solar data collected over 13+ years and more than 1GWh of monitored daily solar production.

  • EI inverter: All in one hybrid inverter
  • EI battery: Modular energy storage solution
  • Automatic transfer switch: For home backup power
  • Tigo optimizers: Maximize energy output and module-level visibility

Powered by Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI)

Tigo Energy Intelligence is the software that unifies the entire Tigo EI Residential solution under one platform. With the most granular monitoring in the industry and historical data access, you can pinpoint and diagnose issues remotely.

  • Maximize site uptime: Get real-time alerts when a performance or safety issue arises so the site can quickly be returned to normal. More uptime = more energy.
  • Minimize O&M costs: Detect system level, string level, and module level issues to pinpoint and diagnose issues remotely. Save money with fewer truck rolls.
  • Enhance the customer experience: Get visibility to all sites from one spot with fleet, system, and module level performance data. Get more referrals with happier customers.


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