Square D Disconnect NEMA 3R 30A 600VDC 3-Pole Fusible 15451 H361NRB

  • UL 98 Enclosed and Dead Front Switches.
  • UL Listed under File E2875.
  • NEMA Standards Publication KS1. Enclosed Switches.
  • Federal Specifications WS-865c for Type NDS (NEMA Type 1) and Type LD (NEMA Type 3R). For General Duty only.
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Up To 100,000 A Short Circuit Current Rating With Proper Current Limiting Fusing General Duty Safety Switches are designed for residential and commercial applications where economy is a prime consideration. Typical loads are lighting, air conditioning and appliances. They are suitable for use as service equipment when equipped with a factory installed neutral assembly or a field installed service grounding kit.

Heavy Duty Safety Switches are UL Listed, File E2875, and meet or exceed the NEMA Standard KS1.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 4.88 × 6.63 × 14.88 in