SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway for Utility Controls

  • Simple
  • Connects SolarEdge inverters wirelessly to an Internet router.
  • ZigBee unit installed within the inverter enclosure for outdoor resilience.
  • Antenna external to inverter for wider range.
  • Communication to Internet via Ethernet.
  • The home gateway supports up to 15 SolarEdge devices (e.g. inverters) on the wireless network.
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Wired RS485 or ZigBee connection, DIN Mount, 120V, SE1000-CCG-G-S1

The SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway expands the SolarEdge monitoring and control capabilities. It can be connected to SolarEdge and non-SolarEdge inverters, environmental sensors and revenue meters and can transfer the monitoring data to the SolarEdge monitoring server and optionally, to a non-SolarEdge logger. The Control and Communication Gateway has an interface that allows for controlling of the SolarEdge inverters’ power.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.36 × 3.54 × 2.44 in