SMA TS4-R Rooftop Communication Kit, Includes Cloud Connect, Gateway, WLAN Antenna

  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Simple Logistic
  • Fast Installation
  • Less Risk
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SMA, TS4-R, Rooftop Communication Kit, includes Cloud Connect, Gateway, WLAN Antenna.

Rethink what it means to optimize a PV system—and the technology needed to do it. The TS4 modular platform is a game changer. Its unique selective deployment capability—installing MLPEs only where needed—allows installers unparalleled flexibility in tackling the toughest problems while driving down system costs and maintenance risk. Nothing installs faster or easier while boosting performance. Whether it’s for shading, shutdown or other challenges, the TS4 Retrofit Kit is the ultimate solution.

  • Works with any module, so installers can leverage their preferred panel suppliers
  • Use the exact functionality needed—no more, no less
  • Maximize warehouse space by stocking fewer module components
  • Compatible with all standard modules
  • Save up to 90 minutes per install compared to other MLPE solutions
  • Reduce roof-time by attaching MLPE on the ground or prior to the site visit
  • Selective deployment means fewer components and fewer failures
  • Technical support through SMA’s #1 ranked service organization
  • Simple, safe repair or replacement of proprietary snap-in cover—no cabling work

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 29.5 × 19 in