Schneider Electric RNW8651017 Conext SW AC Circuit Breaker Panel for 120/240 VAC

Product description

The AC Breaker Panel (120 / 240 V) is pre-wired for quick installation with a single Conext SW inverter and ensures a safe and code compliant connection to a secondary AC distribution panel or directly to AC loads. The AC Breaker Panel (120 / 240 V) accommodates split phase output from Conext SW (120 / 240 V). The AC Breaker Panel features seven breaker spots for inverter AC input, AC output, interlocked AC bypass and GFCI breakers. There is provisioning for a single DIN mounted surge arrestor and multiple inline surge arrestors. Three 30 amp breakers are included. Dual Conext SW installations can be accommodated with the addition of the AC Breaker Kit for Stacked Conext SW (120 / 240 V) – 865-1019.

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