Rolls Flooded Battery 4VDC 1,104AH at 20 Hr Rate 4-KS-21P

Rolls Flooded Battery 4-KS-21P:
The Rolls Surrette 4-KS-21P (4KS21P) is designed specifically for renewable energy systems and are found at the heart of any off-grid or backup power system. In combination with battery cables, inverters, controls, and solar modules, the 4-KS-21P (4KS21P) offers a complete package. Specifically, the 4-KS-21P (4KS21P) is a 4 volt flooded battery capable of 1,557 Amp Hrs. @ 100 Hr. rate, or 1,104 Amp Hrs. @ 20 Hr. rate. And its dual case, replaceable cells, and over 10 plus years of life expectancy make the 4-KS-21P (4KS21P) the ideal solution for your energy needs, particularly due to its New Generation series 5000 advantages and features.

For a single string 1,557 AH Bank at 100 Hr. rate, you will need 3 of the 4-KS-21P (4KS21P) for a 12 Volt system, 6 of the 4-KS-21P (4KS21P) for a 24 Volt system and 12 of the 4-KS-21P (4KS21P) for a 48 Volt system.

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  • Manufacturer: Rolls
  • Model: 4 KS 21P
  • Capacity: 1,104Ah at 20 HR Rate
  • 1,557Ah at 100 HR rate
  • Series Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Terminal Type Flag with stainless steel nuts & bolts

Additional information

Weight 216 lbs
Dimensions 24.75 × 15.75 × 9.375 in


Rolls Battery

Rolls Battery is a leading manufacturer of high-quality deep cycle batteries for a wide range of applications, including solar energy systems. The company's batteries are designed to provide reliable and efficient power storage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Rolls Battery's product line includes a wide range of deep cycle batteries, including flooded, sealed, and AGM models, with capacities ranging from 12V to 48V. With a focus on quality and sustainability, Rolls Battery has established itself as a trusted name in the battery industry. Its commitment to reducing environmental impact and providing reliable power solutions has made it a top choice for customers seeking a dependable and long-lasting battery solution for their solar energy system.