Schneider Electric Conext XW+, MINI-PDP

  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Integrate multiple XW+ inverter chargers and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers with a single battery bank
  • Repeatable standard installation that saves time and money
  • Flexible
  • Single-phase split-phase or three phase systems
  • Configure to the left or right side of the XW+ inverter/chargers
  • Multiple field configurable conduit entry points on the back, bottom, top and sides
  • DIN Rail mounting for QOU type and Multi-9 AC breakers
  • Easy to Service
  • Breaker configuration allows XW+ inverter/chargers to be AC bypassed for servicing
  • Field-reversible door panel allows for visual inspection
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POWER DISTRIBUTION PANEL For One Inverter ONLY, NOT Expandable, 1-POLE 250A 160VDC, 3,2-POLE 60A AC Breakers & By-Pass, 120-240V, 865-1013-01.

The Conext™ XW+ Mini Power Distribution Panel is factory-wired and labeled to support the integration of a single Conext XW+ inverter/charger and Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers with a single battery bank. The XW+ Mini PDP ships with breakers, bus bars and cables. The XW+ Mini PDP supports single-phase, split phase, or three-phase installations. A field-reversible door and multiple conduit knockout entry points allow for the XW+ Mini PDP enclosure to be mounted and configured on either side of the inverter/charger.

The XW+ Power Distribution Panel is designed to save signifiant time and money during installation, when compared to custom solutions.


  • Field Reversible Panel Door
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • XW+ Conduit Box
  • (3) 60 A, 120/240 VAC, Two-pole, Square-D, Type QOU, DIN-rail mounted AC breakers for AC input, bypass and AC load
  • (Factory-Installed)
  • (1) AC Breaker Expansion Postion
  • (1) GJ 250A, 160VDC, 3/8″ Stud DC Breaker Installed, plus (2) Expansion Positions
  • (1) Ground Terminal Bus Bar, (1) Neutral Terminal Bus Bar, (1) Negative Terminal Bus Bar
  • (2) Expansion Positions for Charge Controller DC Breakers

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Weight 28.2 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 28.6 in