OutBack Power SBX5048-120/240 SkyBox True Hybrid Energy System 5000 Watts 60 Hz

Product description

The OutBack Power SkyBox makes smart solar simple with an advanced technology single-box design, and represents a breakthrough in the field of advanced power conversion, processing and control. The fully integrated design of the SkyBox system eliminates external charge controllers and communication boxes, significantly cutting installation time and cost. Ease-of-installation makes this energy solution ideal for installers interested in following the market’s move towards battery-based systems.

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SkyBox Features:

  • Easy and fast to install
  • Clean balance-of-systems, all in one box


  • Extensive quality and reliability testing, including Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
  • Years of experience manufacturing products for fault intolerant, mission-critical applications
  • Standard 5 year warranty (extended 10 year warranty available)
  • Field upgradeable software


  • Dynamic power management
  • Ability to support any new regulations


  • Backup power and support for time-of-use optimization
  • Compliant with California rule 21 and Hawaii 14H grid support requirements
  • NEMA 3R

SBX5048-120/240 Specifications:

  • AC Voltage: 120/240V split-phase
  • AC Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Max Continuous AC Output Power: 5,000 VA (Volt-Amps)
  • Max Continuous Output Current (@240V): 24 Amps @ 25 °C
  • Power Factor at Rated Power: 1
  • Max PV System Voltage: 600V
  • MPPT Voltage Range: 200V – 600V
  • Max Input Current: 20 Amps
  • Max Short Circuit Current: 32 Amps
  • Typical Inverter Efficiency: 97%
  • Listings & Certifications: UL 1741 SA, CSA 22.2 No. 107.1, UL 1778, HECO Rule 14H SRD, CA Rule 21 SRD,
  • IEEE 1547-2003, IEEE 1547.1-2005
  • Weight: 110.6 pounds
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 47″ x 21 x 9.4″ inches



OutBack Power

Outback Power is a leading manufacturer of advanced power electronics and energy storage systems, designed to maximize the performance and reliability of solar energy systems. Based in Arlington, Washington, the company offers a wide range of solar products, including inverters, charge controllers, battery banks, and system monitoring solutions. Outback Power's solar products are designed to work seamlessly together, providing customers with a comprehensive and efficient renewable energy system. The company's focus on innovation and sustainability has made it a top choice for residential, commercial, and industrial energy applications. Whether for off-grid or grid-tied solar systems, Outback Power provides a reliable and efficient source of energy.