Outback Power ICS Plus PV Rapid Shutdown Disconnecting Combiner Box With AFCI,96A,600 VDC

Product description

NOTE: If you are looking for an Outback Power rapid shutdown system that includes all necessary components, please see the Outback ICS Plus integrated combiner solutions: ICSPLUS-1 (6 PV strings max), ICSPLUS-2 (12 PV strings max), and the ICSPLUS-4 (24 PV strings max).
If you need to expand your current solar system beyond the capacity of your Outback Power rapid shutdown system, you will need an additional FWPV6-FH600-SDA disconnecting combiner box. It has the capacity to handle an additional six PV strings. When connected to the necessary Outback rapid shutdown equipment, the combiner box can automatically or manually disconnect the PV strings from the electrical system.

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Combiner Box Specifications:

  • Supports up to six input PV strings
  • Maximum current: 96 Amps
  • Voltage rating: 600 Volts DC maximum
  • Includes six DIN rail fuse holders (fuses sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 15.5″H x 19.5″W x 4.5″D
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • NEMA 3R enclosure


OutBack Power

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