OutBack Power IBR-2-48-175 Integrated Battery Rack System, 48VDC Nominal

Product description

NOTE: The batteries are NOT included with the rack system. They are sold separately.

The Outback Power integrated battery rack (IBR) system makes it easier than ever to get up and running with your 48 volt battery bank. The racking material is manufactured with powder coated aluminum for durability, aesthetics, and long life. The finish on the rails will last longer and remain in great-looking condition for many years, even in less than ideal environments, unlike battery racks made of steel. Not to mention, the aluminum rails are much lighter than steel but without compromising durability. The rack comes with a 175 Amp circuit breaker for each 48 volt battery string. This model comes with two circuit breakers and can accommodate up to eight of the Outback EnergyCell batteries. The enclosure comes with all the interconnects and cabling, which saves you time on installation and makes setting up the system very easy. The front of the enclosure is designed with clear covers which help protect the batteries and also allows you to visually inspect your battery bank. This model battery rack ships fully assembled, but not including the batteries


  • Contents: 0.125-inch thick aluminum enclosure with silver finish; plated copper bus bars and clear protective covers.
  • String Overcurrent Protection: 175 Amps DC
  • Size of Conductors: 1/0 AGW (One Aught – American Wire Gauge)
  • Capacity: Up to eight EnergyCell RE Batteries
  • System Voltage: 48 Vdc Nominal
  • Dimensions H x W x D (in/cm): 33 x 27.0 x 24.5 / 83.8 x 68.6 x 62.2
  • Weight Without Batteries (lbs/kg): 60 / 27
  • Supported Batteries: EnergyCell 170RE and 200RE, GH, and Nano-Carbon Batteries


OutBack Power

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