Outback Power Autotransformer With Auto-Disconnect For 120/240 Volts, 60 Hz

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The Outback Power FLEXware PSX-240-RELAY 6kVA autotransformer is designed for 120/240 Volts, 60 Hz AC power systems. It can be used as a step-up transformer for 120 VAC to 240 VAC, or used as a step-down transformer for 240 VAC to 120 VAC. It works well for balancing generator input for multiple inverters, balancing split-phase output between inverters, and balancing the output of inverters stacked in series. Balancing the inverter loads prevents one of your inverters from handling the bulk of the load by splitting the load demand between your inverters. The PSX-240-RELAY also comes with a built-in voltage activated relay disconnect. This is required for custom systems that switch between single phase and three phase power; it allows the transformer to disconnect itself from the system when there are potentially damaging voltages present. The unit has a temperature activated cooling fan and a 25 Amp circuit breaker.

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The PSX-240-Relay must be connected to the AC output circuit of the FX system and is intended for installations that include the following:

  • An installation with two or more OutBack FX Series Inverter/Chargers wired to produce split phase 120/240 VAC.
  • The FX system is programmed using “OutBack” Stacking (not “Classic” Stacking).
  • AC input source to the FX system is either two in-phase 120 VAC circuits, 120/240 VAC split phase, or two phases of a 120/208 VAC wye-connected 3-phase source.


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