Off-Grid Solar Power Kit With 4875 Watts of Panels and 7200 Watt 48VDC 120/240VAC Inverter Power Panel

Product description

This kit is one of the easiest ways to get started with an off-grid solar system. It comes with 4,875 Watts in REC brand solar panels, an OutBack Power FLEXpower TWO power panel with two VFXR3648A-01 inverters for 7,200 Watts, 60 Hz at 120 Volts AC, a FLEXmax 80 Amp MPPT solar charge controller, MATE3 system controller, along with the necessary equipment to connect everything together. The OutBack Power FLEXpower panels are not designed for expansion. If you need the option to grow your system at a later date, please contact us and we can custom design a system that will allow you to produce more power.

Shipping Note: Some items in this kit must ship by truck freight. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping methods, please email us or give us a call.

Notice: In some areas of the country, it is not permitted for an unqualified person to install electrical equipment in a home or other dwelling or structure. It could result in severe penalties and/or fines. Be sure to check your local electrical codes and regulations before installing this system. You may need to hire a licensed electrician in order to pass an electrical inspection.

NOTE: This kit does not come with a mounting system for the solar panels or a battery bank. If you need help choosing a mount or sizing a battery bank for your system, please email us or give us a call. We are here to help!

Note: Every solar system installation is different. While this kit contains all the essential components, you will have to provide some of your own materials. For example, you may want to purchase some wire nuts for splicing wire (you may or may not need to splice wire depending upon your installation).

We offer complete and pre-wired systems, they come with wiring diagrams and outstanding technical support.


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Warranty Information:

  • REC 325 Watt Solar Panel: 20-year product warranty, 25 year power warranty.
  • OutBack Power FLEXpower TWO: 5 year warranty.
  • MidNite Solar MNPV6: 5 year warranty.




REC Solar N-PEAK Series 325 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel X15
100 Foot #10 AWG MC4 Extender Cable Male/Female Rated for 1000 Volts DC X2
50 Foot #10 AWG MC4 Extender Cable Male/Female Rated for 1000 Volts DC X2
30 Foot #10 AWG MC4 Extender Cable Male/Female Rated for 1000 Volts DC X1
MidNite Solar MNPV6 Solar Array Combiner X2
MidNite Solar Surge Protection Device MNSPD-300-DC X2
Midnite Solar MNEPV 150 Volts 15 Amps DC Circuit Breaker X5
MidNite Solar MNSR-1000 Heyco Strain Relief Connector With Locknut X5
Outback FLEXpower Two FP2 VFXR3648A-01 7,200 Watts 48 Volts for Off-Grid and Grid-Tie X1
Inverter Cables Red/Black Pair, #4/0 AWG, 10 Foot UL Listed MTW X1
Disconnect Tool for MC4 Connectors X1
Focus kWh Meter for 240 Volt Service X1
Schneider Electric Square D URTRS101B Meter Socket For Single Phase 3-wire 125A 600VAC X1