Morningstar Corporation TS-60M TriStar Solar Charge Controller with Meter 60A, 12/24/48V

Product description

NOTE: This model TS-60M controller comes with the TS-M-2 digital meter pre-installed.

TriStar controllers can be setup with the DIP switches for other voltages, such as 36 volts for golf cars. The controller is a three-function controller that provides reliable solar battery charging, load control or diversion regulation. Uses advanced technology and automated production to provide new features at a competitive cost. The controller is UL listed and is designed for both solar home systems and professional applications.

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  • Highest Reliability Large heat sink and conservative design enables operating to full ratings to 45°C. No need to de-rate. Backed by a 5 year warranty.
  • More Power Ratings to 60A at 48VDC for a maximum power rating of 4kW.
  • Communications Capability RS-232 connects to a personal computer for custom settings, data logging and remote monitoring and control.
  • Fully Adjustable – DIP switch provides user with a choice of 7 different digital presets and custom settings via RS-232.
  • Extensive Electronic Protections Fully protected against reverse polarity, short circuit, overcurrent, high temperature and overvoltage.
  • More Information – Optional meter displays extensive information, automatic self-test, data logging and graphics in a choice of 5 languages.
  • Simple Mechanical Interface Larger power terminals and conduit knockouts. Extra space for wire turns. Fits on power panels. The TriStar is UL listed, rated at 45 or 60 amps (12-48V), and has an optional meter, remote meter and remote temperature sensor.
  • This controller may be used as any one of: load controller, a solar charge controller, or as a diversion load controller.
  • 60 Amp solar charge controller
  • 12, 24, & 48 Volt compatibility
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) charging
  • 5 year warranty



Morningstar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of advanced solar charge controllers and inverters, designed to optimize and manage solar energy systems for homes, businesses, and industries. With over 25 years of experience, the company has built a reputation for reliability and innovation, providing customers with high-quality solar products that are built to last. Morningstar Corporation's product line includes a range of charge controllers and inverters that are designed to work seamlessly with solar panels, batteries, and other components, providing customers with a reliable and efficient source of solar power. With a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, Morningstar Corporation's solar products are a top choice for anyone seeking to reduce their environmental impact while maximizing their solar energy production.


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