Midnite Solar MN-Battery Combiner with 1000A Positive & Negative Bus bars and 100mV shunt for OutBack

  • Includes a 1000amp Positive and Negative bus bar
  • Has locations for up to 12 of our MNEDC Battery Breakers
  • Powder Coated Steel
  • 3/8″ studs for attaching battery cable lugs. Additional holes can be drilled for more connections, 3/8″ stainless bolts are recommended for battery cable connections


Midnite’s 1,000 amp battery combiner box is the ideal solution for high-powered systems with a large number of DC conductors. For example a large off-grid or battery backup system with several inverters and charge controllers will likely require a big DC positive and negative bus to combine all of the inverters and controllers for connection to the battery bank. The Midnite MNBCB-1000/100 battery combiner is the best solution we’ve found for large battery-based systems. There are plenty of conduit knockouts and breaker slots for installing a large number of battery conductors with overcurrent protection.

The Midnite MNBCB includes positive and negative 1,000 amp bus bars and this version (MNBCB 1000/100) includes a 1,000 amp 100 milivolt shunt which works with most battery monitors such as systems from Magnum Energy, Outback Power and Schneider Electric.


Midnite Solar

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 29 × 42 in