MidNite Solar Off-Grid Dual Master E-Panel For SMA Inverter 240 Volt System

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NOTE: A back plate (MNESMA-Short BP or MNESMA-Tall-BP) is recommended for the proper wiring alignment of the Sunny Island.
NOTE: The E-Panel does NOT come with the Classic charge controller.
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Master E-Panel for a dual inverter off-grid 240VAC Sunny Island inverter system. This setup requires an additional slave E-Panel and a total of two inverters. MidNite Solar E-Panels simplify the installation process for your inverter system. The MNE250SMA-OG/AC-DM dual master E-Panel works with 1 of the MNE250SMA-Slave E-Panel to create a 120/240 VAC off-grid or AC coupled system. It includes the 120/240 VAC input/output bypass system. Terminals are provided for hookup to leg 2 from the slave E-Panel. Comes with 250A battery disconnect breaker and inverter cables. Pre-wired with AC input and output wiring for leg 1 (master) inverter. (One slave E-Panel is required for 120/240.) If you plan to use this setup for an AC coupled system, you will need a total of three inverters: Two Sunny Island models and one grid-tie model. The grid-tie inverter will not need an E-Panel. This is the standard model which does NOT come pre-wired for the Classic solar charge controller. You may select Classic wiring options from the drop down menu above. It can be pre-wired for one or two Classic solar charge controllers but it does NOT come with the controller. The Classic controllers are sold separately. 5 year warranty

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Standard-No Classic Wiring, Wired For 1 Classic, Wired For 1 Classic 200/250, Wired For 2 Classic 150, Wired For 2 Classic 200/250


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