MidNite Solar MNGP Classic Graphics Panel For Classic charge controller

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MidNite Solar Classic Graphics Display Panel
Note: This is the display that comes with the standard MidNite Classic. It is also compatible with the Classic Lite models. Graphic display panel for the MidNite Solar Classic charge controller. It can be used as a replacement display if yours is broken or it can be used as a remote display. The Classic controller can support up to two displays so that you can have a display on the unit and another display in a remote location. The graphics display does not use a standard phone cable. If you plan to use the MNGP as a remote display, you will need to make your own cable. You will need two 6-pin phone connectors (1 for each end of the cable) and standard 6-wire phone cable (flat cable works best but round cable will also work). The maximum length you can go is 100 feet. You can get these items at your local hardware store. The diagram below (from the Classic user manual) shows the proper wiring for the connectors.

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Midnite Solar

Midnite Solar is a US-based manufacturer of advanced solar charge controllers, inverters, and other power electronics, designed to optimize and manage solar energy systems. The company is based in Arlington, Washington, and has been providing high-quality solar products for more than 20 years. Midnite Solar's product line includes a range of charge controllers and inverters that are designed to work seamlessly with solar panels, batteries, and other components, providing customers with a reliable and efficient source of solar power. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Midnite Solar's products are built to withstand harsh environments and deliver exceptional performance, making them a top choice for residential, commercial, and industrial solar applications.



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