MidNite Solar Breaker & Wiring Box For Up To Four E-Panels

Product description

Use up to four UltraLite E-Panels with this system. Competing systems for stacking run too hot for reliable operation so we moved the inverters apart. The Nottagutter accepts two EPanels on top and two E-Panels below. It even works with three inverters for three phase operation. The AC bypass slider can be configured for two, three or four inverters. Features include DC+ and DC- busbars to accommodate up to four inverter cables plus battery cables as well as auxiliary DC circuits such as charge controllers. 120/240V AC input, AC output, Neutral and ground busbars. 60 amp AC Bypass with four 50 amp output breakers standard. Charge controllers mount on the top middle or on each end with optional charge control brackets. Gray aluminum.

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