Magnum Energy MPSL250-30D Panel For Two MS-PAE Inverters - 250A DC, Dual 30A AC

Product description

Note: Out of the box, this Magnum panel will accommodate only one MS-PAE inverter. If you plan to use it for two MS-PAE inverters in parallel, you will also need the optional MPX extension box, either the MPXS250-30D-L or the MPXS250-30D-R.

Note: Picture #2 shows the MPSL250-30D with all the installed options.

The MP (Magnum Panel) enclosures have been specifically designed to combine all of the major components required for a high power renewable energy system – inverter/battery disconnect, AC overcurrent protection, grounding connections, and a full system inverter bypass switch as a convenient way to isolate the inverters for battery maintenance – into easy to install pre-wired enclosures. Designed for multiple inverter applications, the MP Series enclosures feature convenient front panel operation, and with the optional Router (ME-RTR), will allow you to easily set up, monitor, and operate up to four MS-PAE inverter/chargers together (must be identical models to parallel stack). In addition to saving time and money by providing a simple and convenient inverter installation, the MP enclosures ensure safety and reliability by providing a UL and CSA certified and code compliant system.

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  • One 250ADC breaker
  • Dual 30A AC input breaker
  • Dual 30A AC output breaker
  • Dual 30A AC bypass breaker
  • 500A/50mv DC shunt
  • Inverter AC input/output wires
  • Data cables rated for 120/240 volt circuits
  • Inverter hood
  • Router bracket
  • Dimensions: 18″ x 13″ x 6.75″
  • Weight: 48 lbs.


Magnum Energy

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