Magnum Energy ME-AGS Automatic Generator Start

Product description

Magnum Energy’s Automatic Generator Start (AGS) controllers allows your generator to automatically start based on low battery voltage and/or high temperature. Two versions of the AGS are available (specify which when ordering from the drop down list).

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The ME-AGS-N is the ‘network’ version of Magnum Energy’s Automatic Generator Start (AGS) controllers. The network version is setup and operated via a Magnum Energy Inverter and ME-RC or ME-ARC remote panel. When using the ME-RC Remote, the ME-AGS-N has basic adjustments starting on battery voltage or temperature. When using the ME-ARC remote, the ME-AGS-N has advanced start and stop settings based on: Time of day, battery State of Charge, battery voltage, high temperature, or inverter load amps. It also includes the ability to manually turn the generator ON and off, generator exercise, warm up and cool down.

The ME-AGS-S is the stand alone version that is similar to the ME-AGS, but works for an installation that does not include a Magnum Energy inverter. The Magnum AGS Controller can be configured for 12 or 24 VDC operation. It can also be configured for various diesel or gas generator brands and models. The controller’s default settings are set for “12 VDC” and “Diesel” operation. Refer to the owners manual to determine which setting is correct for your system.

  • 1 year warranty

Additional information

Specify ME-AGS-N or ME-AGS-S

For use with Magnum Inverters, Standalone version


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