Magnum Energy BP-D Double Inverter Mounting Back Plate

Product description

The BP-D is a single-piece, powder-coated steel back plate designed to accommodate 2-MPSL or MPSL-PE, 2-MPSH or MPSH-PE, 2-MPX or MPX-PE. the BP-D (dual plate) are single piece, powder-coated steel back plates designed to accommodate the MP/MPX enclosures, a Magnum inverter, and the inverter hood (two of each component for the BP-D); thus making the complete system appear seamless. These back plates also provide a non-combustible surface for mounting the inverter(s) on a wall. Designed with PEM (i.e., internally threaded) nuts, each back plate is shipped with the necessary hardware for mounting the components listed above.

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  • Dimensions: 39.25″ x 32.9375″ x 0.75″
  • Weight: 29.5 pounds


Magnum Energy

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