Inverter Cables Red/Black Pair, #4/0 AWG, 10 Foot UL Listed MTW, 3/8" Stud Ring

Product description

MTW (Machine Tool Wire) listed battery to inverter cables, red/black pair, #4/0 (0000) AWG, 10 foot length. Uses 3/8″ stud ring connectors.
Note: Based upon the National Electric Code section 690.8, section 4, the following voltages were used in calculating the maximum inverter wattages: 10.5 volts, 21 volts and 42 volts DC. The 75°C column was used for determining maximum amps based upon wire gauge. Calculated for a maximum 2% voltage drop.
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Inverter Wattage Recommendations:

  • 12 Volt Inverter: Approx. 1,400 Watts Max.
  • 24 Volt Inverter: Approx. 2,800 Watts Max.
  • 48 Volt Inverter: Approx. 5,600 Watts Max.