Inverter Cables Red/Black Pair, #2 AWG, 36 Inches UL Listed MTW, 3/8" Stud Ring

Product description

MTW (Machine Tool Wire) UL listed battery to inverter cables, red/black pair, #2 AWG, 36 inches length. Uses 3/8″ stud ring connectors.

If you need help sizing fuses or circuit breakers for your wire, please email us or call and one of our sales staff will be happy to help you.

Note: Based upon the National Electric Code section 690.8, section 4, the following voltages were used in calculating the maximum inverter wattages: 10.5 volts, 21 volts and 42 volts DC. The 75°C column was used for determining maximum amps based upon wire gauge. Calculated for a maximum 2% voltage drop.

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