Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box RSB Single String For Galvo/Primo

FRONIUS 4,240,151 Rapid Shutdown Box RSB For Galvo/Primo Inverters, Single DC String 12A Max For NEC 2014 code (690.12) compliance DC powered by the array (max. 3W)

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Manufacturer Fronius
Model 4,240,151
Rated Power Output [W] 1
Length [mm (in)] 7.9 in
Width [mm (in)] 5.5 in
Depth [mm (in)] 3.5 in



Fronius is a global technology leader in the field of solar energy generation and storage solutions, as well as welding technology and battery charging technology. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and sustainability, Fronius offers a range of innovative photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, and monitoring tools designed to optimize solar energy production and consumption. As a committed advocate for reducing the world's carbon footprint and promoting the use of renewable energy sources, Fronius continues to develop cutting-edge solar technology that helps customers worldwide meet their energy needs in an environmentally responsible way. With a reputation for exceptional quality, efficiency, and durability, Fronius' solar products are trusted by customers worldwide.


FRONIUS Rapid Shutdown Box RSB Single String For Galvo/Primo 

FRONIUS 4,240,151 Rapid Shutdown Box RSB For Galvo/Primo Inverters, Single DC String 12A Max For NEC 2014 code (690.12) compliance DC powered by the array (max. 3W)

The Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box (RSB) was designed to be a simple solution with the low part count. This minimizes cost and maximizes field reliability.
The RSB is contained in a NEMA 4X enclosure that is easily mounted on the PV array racking material via the included universal mounting bracket. It may be mounted in any position, or orientation, on or off the racking without affecting operation. NEC stipulates this must be within 10 feet of the PV array.
The basis of the RSB is a 600VDC contactor that is held in the closed position by the voltage from the PV array.
Contactor range of operation is the same as the voltage window for inverter operation: 80VDC to 600 VDC.
In the inverter data and communication compartment (DATCOM), there are terminals triggered by a relay that is controlled by the inverter. This relay comes preconfigured from Fronius to trigger based on the state of AC grid.
If AC voltage is lost, i.e. due to grid failure, or manual disconnect, relay triggers contactor in RSB to open, interrupting the flow of power from the PV array.
Electronics in the RSB bleed down the PV array feeders and residual energy in inverter to the NEC required <30 VDC in less than 10 seconds.
The signal from the inverter relay is carried to the RSB contactor via a pair of communications wire, allowable sizes from 24 AWG to 14 AWG. As this signal is carried via DC voltage, this communication wire is permitted to share conduit with the PV array conductors.
When AC voltage returns, the relay triggers the contactor to close and pass through voltage and current from the PV array, normal operation.

Fronius USA is proud to offer a bankable solution to the latest National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements of Rapid Shutdown function (NEC 690.12) on rooftop photovoltaic systems. The Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box ensures NEC 2014 code compliance while enhancing rooftop and firefighter safety, quality, reliability and the most seamless solution available on the market.
The Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box

/ With the Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box, Fronius offers a reliable and easy to install solution for all Fronius SnapINverters in systems up to 600 V.
/ Offer flexibility without as many additional boxes or wiring required