Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box-QUATTRO, Multi String,600 Volt inverters 3.8 kW, 15 kW

  • Low-profile design that fits underneath a module for clean system look
  • Mounting bracket with multiple mounting options for maximum flexibility
  • NEMA 4X rated for severe outdoor conditions
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2 strings in (4 when used with Branch Connectors), MC-4, 2 Channels out, 25A/25A, 600VDC, includes mounting Bracket, 4,240,154.

The new generation Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box (RSB) provides a convenient solution for NEC 2014 (690.12) and NEC 2017 (Array Disconnect) compliance, while enhancing overall rooftop and firefighter safety. Low-profile design, installer-friendly mounting and wiring, make the Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box the ultimate solution for all Fronius SnapINverters* in systems up to 600 V. Directly connected to the inverter through the same conduit as the DC homeruns and powered by the array, the Fronius solution minimizes the number of components and eliminates the need for an external power supply.

The low-profile design allows for installation underneath the modules, ensuring a clean system look. Thanks to the NEMA 4X rating, the box is built for severe outdoor conditions. MC4 connectors, spring loaded terminals and generous wiring space make wiring our new generation Rapid Shutdown Box even easier. Rapid Shutdown is triggered when AC is not present at the inverter, rapidly discharging the DC lines to the inverter. This allows for a seamless, code compliant solution to the NEC requirement for rapid shutdown functionality for PV systems on buildings.


  • MC connectors, spring load terminals and generous wiring space
  • 25A rated inputs for up to two strings per input (via MC4 “Y” connectors)


  • Rapid Shutdown Box replaces your junction box
  • DC-powered: no extra power supply needed

Additional information

Weight 8.6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 11 × 7 in



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