Fronius Primo 3.8-1 3.8KW TL 208 / 240 VAC Transformerless Single-Phase Inverter, Dual MPPT

  • Single-Phase Inverter 208 / 240 Vac
  • Dual MPPT
  • Dynamic Peak Manager
  • NEMA 4X
  • AFCI
  • DC Disconnect included 
  • 600Vdc
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Manufacturer Fronius
Model FRONIUS PRIMO 3.8-1 4,210,064,800
Rated Power Output [W] 3800
Length [mm (in)] 24.7 in
Width [mm (in)] 16.9 in
Depth [mm (in)] 8.1 in
Weight [kg (lb)] 47.29 lbs
Warranty [Years] 10
Inverter Type Grid-Tie Microinverter
Maximum/Peak Efficiency [%] 97.9%
CEC weighted efficiency [%] 96.5%
Transformer / Transformerless Transformerless
DC Power Rating [W] 3800
Nom. DC Voltage [V] 650V
Max. Input Voltage [V] 600
MPP voltage range [V] 200 – 800Vdc
Min. DC voltage / start voltage [V] 150Vdc
Number of DC String Inputs (Inlets) 6
Number of MPP Trackers 2
Max. Input Voltage per MPPT [V] 800
Voltage Lower Limit for MPP Range [V] 200
Voltage Upper Limit for MPP Range [V] 800V
Reverse-Polarity Protection Yes
AC Power Rating [W] 3800W
Max. AC Power [W] 3800W
AC voltage range [V] 208/240
AC grid frequency [Hz] 60
Max. output current [A] 20.8A@208V, 18.0A@240V
AC Connection Type Screw terminals 14-6 AWG
AC Current Distortion [THD%] <5%
Sleep (Night) Consumption [W] <1 W
NEMA Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X
Cooling Method Variable Speed Fan
Ambient Temperature Range [°C(°F)] -40o F…+131o F (-40o C…+55o C)
Operating Humidity [%] 0-100%
Max. recommended PV power (@ module STC) 3.0kW – 6.0kW



Fronius is a global technology leader in the field of solar energy generation and storage solutions, as well as welding technology and battery charging technology. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and sustainability, Fronius offers a range of innovative photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, and monitoring tools designed to optimize solar energy production and consumption. As a committed advocate for reducing the world's carbon footprint and promoting the use of renewable energy sources, Fronius continues to develop cutting-edge solar technology that helps customers worldwide meet their energy needs in an environmentally responsible way. With a reputation for exceptional quality, efficiency, and durability, Fronius' solar products are trusted by customers worldwide.


Fronius Primo 3.8-1 3.8kW TL 208 / 240 VAC Transformerless 4,210,064,800 

  • Single-Phase Inverter 208 / 240 Vac
  • Dual MPPT
  • Dynamic Peak Manager
  • NEMA 4X
  • AFCI
  • DC Disconnect included 
  • 600Vdc
  • 97.9% Maximum Efficiency
  • Wifi/Ethernet DataManager
  • 10 Yr Warranty

The SnapINverter mounting system makes inverter installation and servicing done easily. After fitting the wall bracket and cabling for the device, the inverter is placed in the wall bracket before being swivelled into position and secured. Allows for sustainable service for the lifetime of the system.

This transformerless single phase inverter is ideal for residential applications. Several integrated features, which make it stand out from competitors, include dual powerpoint trackers, high system voltage, a wide input voltage range and unrestricted use indoors and outdoors.