Double Jacket Insulated PV Listed #10 AWG Outdoor Wire Rated For 2000 Volts

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This wire is sold by the foot.

INSTALLATION TIP: The insulation jacket of this wire makes it too big to fit through the MidNite Solar MNSR-600 or MNSR-1000 strain relief connectors. If you plan to use strain relief connectors, we sell another PV rated wire that will fit. See item PV-WIRE-2KV-SJ-BLK.

This cable is UL listed as Photovoltaic Cable, also known as PV cable or wire. It is rated for a maximum of 2000 Volts, 90°C wet or 105°C dry, sunlight resistant UV rated VW-1 or RHW-2, direct burial RoHS E324841

#10 AWG stranded copper wire (7 strand). Insulation is white chemically cross-linked polyethylene with sunlight resistant PVC outer jacket. It’s very resistant to heat and abrasion, gasoline and oil. This is the perfect type of wire for all outdoor solar module and array wiring. This wire does NOT come with the connectors. We carry H4 extension cables if you need the connectors already attached. This wire may be used with either H4 or MC4 connectors when using the proper crimping tool. This wire can also be terminated into a junction box or bus bars.

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