Chilicon Micro Inverter, Compatible with 60- and 72-cell PV modules,289W, 208/240 volt

  • Standard MC-4 Connectors
  • UL1741-SA (Rule-21) certified
  • Grid-tie systems
  • Peak efficiency of 96.6%
  • Built in surge protection is very impressive for size and price of the inverter.
  • 25 years manufacturer warranty
  • Lifespan of 50 years
  • Proven efficient and robust systems.
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The CP-250E-60/72-MC4 microinverter has been designed ground up for industry leading efficiency (96.6% peak, and 96.09% CEC) and reliability. The devices contain no electrolytic capacitors and no opto-isolators. The chassis uses an aluminum extrusion process optimized for high volume manufacturing and is rated to NEMA-6. This rating allows environmental extremes beyond those found beneath solar panels where the inverters are installed. The microinverters
meet stringent radiated emission standards to CISPR-22/EN55022 Class B which has 2X lower levels than FCC Part 15 B at various frequencies and complies with worldwide unintended radiation requirements to eliminate interference with other devices. The inverter has also been designed and tested to withstand 6k Volt line to line, line to ground, and neutral to ground surge. In addition overcurrent protection sampling at 30 kHz ensures grid anomalies that cannot
be compensated in the AC drive result in a clearing state to protect the output stage.

Chilicon Power CP-250E microinverter MPPT is compatible with 60 and 72-cell (Solar)PV modules. Operates with US 208/240 volt,(60 Vdc max) 289W at 240V.

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Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1.8 in