Canadian Solar EP Cube Battery Modules

The EP Cube’s modular energy storage units are designed to provide reliable, cost-effective power to your home. With capacity options ranging from 9.9kWh to 19.9kWh per unit, these lithium iron phosphate cells have undergone UL 9540A unit-level thermal runaway test certification, ensuring maximum safety and durability. These batteries are easy to install and transport, making them a great choice for those who want to reduce their dependence on the grid and increase their energy independence.


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1 Battery ($1,400 per battery), 2 Batteries ($1,400 per battery), 3 Batteries ($1,400 per battery), 4 Batteries ($1,300 per battery), 5 Batteries ($1,250 per battery), 6 Batteries ($1,200 per battery)


Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is a globally recognized brand in the solar industry, known for its high-quality solar products and innovative solutions. The company offers a comprehensive range of solar products, including solar panels, inverters, and energy storage systems, that are designed to provide reliable and sustainable energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. Canadian Solar's products are manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring exceptional performance and efficiency, as well as long-lasting durability. Additionally, the company is committed to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions through its products and operations. With a global presence and a reputation for excellence, Canadian Solar is a trusted choice for reliable and sustainable solar solutions.