OutBack Power Battery Indoor Enclosure (OBE-1-48-001)

  • Engineered for renewable energy storage applications
  • Aluminum welded construction and durable powdercoated exterior
  • Enclosures are CSA/UL certified to meet applicable industry standards
  • Optimized for use with EnergyCell RE Top Terminal batteries
  • Compatible with up to 4kW Photovoltaaic (PV) inverters
  • No assembly required, comes with battery cable kit for installation
  • Removable, lockable door for security and safety


The standard series OBE enclosure family from OutBack Power is engineered for use with maintenance-free, top terminal EnergyCell batteries and is ideally suited for value-oriented applications requiring up to 212Ah of energy storage.

The OBE series features welded, all aluminum construction and powder coated finish for strength and durability. Removable, lockable doors keep batteries and wiring secure and protected. A mesh screen allows for ventilation of the enclosure, helping to keep batteries cool. The OBE series also ships pre-assembled with battery wiring kits included for ease of installation.

Available in two sizes, the OBE-1 accommodates up to four EnergyCell 106RE Top Terminal batteries. The larger OBE-2 is designed to accommodate up to eight EnergyCell 106RE Top Terminal batteries.

Additional information

Weight 61 lbs
Dimensions 33.5 × 26 × 15 in


OutBack Power

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