Magnum Automatic Generator Start Module 3-Relay with Voltage & Temp Start/Network Version ME-AGS-N

  • Automatically start your generator
  • Two models are available
    • ME-AGS-N kit includes
    • ME-AGS-S kit includes
  • Adjust the AGS to meet your needs
  • Manual start and stop
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Imagine being able to enjoy a day away all-the-while knowing your living space will stay cool and comfortable and your batteries will stay charged and ready for all of the activities that make up daily life. There’s nothing better than returning to a nice, cool, comfortable home with charged batteries after a day away. The Magnum Series Auto Gen Start (AGS) can make this happen. The Magnum Series AGS is compatible with most major generators, including Onan, Powertech, Generac, Westerbeke, Kohler, EPS, Northern Lights, and most portable generators with electric start. Please check with your Sensata Technologies dealer for specific model compatibility.

The ME-AGS-S is the ‘standalone’ version of Magnum Energy’s Automatic Generator Start (AGS) controllers.

This auto generator start controller can automatically start your generator based on battery voltage or high temperature. Adjustable settings include: run time, start volts DC, start temp, quiet time, and 24 hour clock.

The ME-AGS-N is the ‘network’ version of Magnum Energy’s Automatic Generator Start (AGS) controllers. The version is setup and operated via a Magnum Energy Inverter and ME-RC or ME-ARC remote panel.

When using the ME-RC Remote, the ME-AGS-N has basic adjustments starting on battery voltage or temperature.

When using the ME-ARC remote, the ME-AGS-N has advanced start and stop settings based on: Time of day, battery State of Charge, battery voltage, high temperature, or inverter load amps. Also includes the ability to manually turn the generator ON and off, generator exercise, warm-up and cool-down.

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Weight 2.13 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 9.75 × 7 in