APSystems YC1000-3 Trunk Cable - 4m

APSystems YC1000-3 2 meter trunk cable provides connection between microinverters on the same branch circuit that are > 6 ft apart.

• 14 AWG, 600V

• Type TC-ER, 90C, -40C

• Insulation color red-black-white

• UL certified

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Manufacturer APSystems
Model YC1000-3 Cable-4
Rated Power Output [W] 1
Length [mm (in)] 2 meter (6 Feet)
Inverter Type Grid-Tie String Inverter
Maximum/Peak Efficiency [%] 96.30%
CEC weighted efficiency [%] 95.5%
DC Power Rating [W] 310
Max. Input Voltage [V] 60
Max. Input Current [A] 12
MPP voltage range [V] 22-45
Number of MPP Trackers 2
Ground-Fault Isolation Detection 2.2A peak
AC Power Rating [W] 250
AC grid frequency [Hz] 60
Max. output current [A] 2.2
Max Microinverters Units per xA string 16 (12AWG); 12 (14AWG)
NEMA Enclosure Rating NEMA-6 / IP-67
Ambient Temperature Range [°C(°F)] -40℃—I— +65℃
Operating Humidity [%] 100%, condensation
Communication Power Line
Safety and EMC Standard UL 1741 CSA C22.2 No. 107.1
Compliances IEEE 1547
AC grid range [Hz] 59.3-60.5


  • APSystems YC500i-548W Dual Module Microinverter Dual MPPT Individual MPPT for each panel
  • Maximum Power Output: 548W (from two solar modules)
  • Up to 14 solar modules (7x YC500s) can be installed in a string with a single 20A breaker.
  • 10-Year Standard Warranty (extendable to 25 years)