AC 2 Circuit KIT with 2 x 15A 2-pole 240VAC breakers (0760-41AD, 0799-MI-2-15)

  • Installs quickly, easily, and consistently every time
  • Protects solar panel wiring with a weather-proof flashed seal
  • Prevents roof damage with non-invasive installation
  • 2 x 15A 2-pole 240VAC breakers
  • AC Busbar kit
  • 80A AC Power Block
  • 2 x 1/2″and 1 x 3/8″ 1-hole cord grips
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Protect the roof and PV wiring with SolaDeck. Combine flashed roof penetration protection with the ability to transition, pass through, or combine solar PV strings with one of our weather tight enclosures. SolaDeck’s state-of-the-art enclosure systems are simplifying roof-mounted combiner/enclosure installations.

Install solar PV wiring faster and easier with SolaDeck’s simple design and clear instruction process. Choose SolaDeck, the most preferred PV enclosure by professional contractors, for a professional installation every time!

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Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4.5 in