Midnite Solar 6,800 Watt Prewired AC Coupled System

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Grid-Tied System With Battery Backup

Solar modules and racking not included.

  • Schneider Conext XW+ 5548 120/240 VAC Inverter
  • AC Bypass assembly
  • Built in 5500 watt 48 volt inverter
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This system is designed to retrofit an existing grid-tied system and convert it to a grid-tied battery backup system. Battery bank included.

FEATURES: Environmental Rating – Type 1 (Indoor) Schneider Conext XW+ 5548 120/240 vac Inverter AC Coupled AC Bypass assembly built in MNE250XWP-SINGLE E-Panel Schneider System Control Panel (SCP) included Good for up to 5,000 Watts of Grid tie inverter 3 MNSPD300’s (Surge Protection Devices) 250 amp Battery Main Breaker General labor for assembly, test and crating 1 Schneider Battery Temperature sensor (BTS) Warranty – 5 yrs. Listed by ETL for US & Canada MidNite E-Panel and SPD’s made in the USA Schneider Conext XW+ 5548 120/240 vac Inverter Made in China.


Midnite Solar

Schneider Electric

Additional information

Weight 285 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 28 × 19 in


What's Included

6,800W Prewired AC Coupled System :

Voltage configuration: This system is configured for 48V operation

Midnite Solar MNXWPAC6848 pre-wired AC coupled system composed of:

  • (1) Midnite Solar MNE250XWP-SINGLE E-Panel
  • (1) Schneider Conext XW+6848 NA Inverter/Charger
  • (1) Schneider Conext System Control Panel
  • (1) MidNite Solar MNSW-BP Back Plate
  • (1) AC Bypass Assembly Built In
  • (3) Midnite MNSPD300 Surge Protection Device
  • (1) 250A Main Battery Breaker
  • (1) Schneider Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS)

Battery bank composed of:

  • (8) Surrette S-605 605Ah 6V Deep Cycle Battery
  • (1) Midnite Solar MNBE-D Battery Indoor Enclosure

~11,000Watt-hr Capacity @50%DOD & 50C



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