30 Foot H4 Extender Cable Male/Female Rated For 1000 Volts DC

Product description

NOTE: One Amphenol H4 wrench and disconnect tool is required in order to disconnect a male H4 connector from a female H4 connector.

This wire is UL listed as photovoltaic cable (PV) per standard subject 4703 and 44. The insulation is rated for 2,000 Volts DC and the connectors are rated for 1,000 Volts DC.

30 Foot Amphenol H4 extender cable with one male and one female connector. Often used to connect panels that are spaced too far apart to use the built in cables on the solar panels. They are also used to bring the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of a string back to the combiner box.

#10 gauge AWG stranded copper wire with double jacket, outdoor rated, 1,000 volts max.

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