Midnite Solar 1,800 Watt Off-Grid All-In-One System

Solar Modules & Battery Pack Included

  • Pre Wired Schneider Electric Conext SW4024 120/240 vac Inverter for Off grid
  • 4,000 watt 24 volt inverter
  • AC Bypass Assembly included
  • Classic 150 installed


This is an off-grid system with a battery backup.

Midnite Solar pre-wired inverter systems offer a turn key solution to installing a battery based inverter system, saving you time in the field.

With a pre-wired solution all of the confusion is taken out of selecting all the right parts. This system uses the Schneider Electric Conext SW inverter that is rated at 4,000 watts and uses a 24 volt battery. It produces 120/240 volts AC. Dont forget to look at our other products that compliment the pre-wired inverter system like our Battery Boxes or Disconnecting Combiners.

Our pre-wired systems can be configured in about any way needed with any of the common battery based inverters (except Outback). Please contact us for a quote if the System you need is not listed. Below is a simple list of the major components included in the system.

The Whizbang Jr (MNWBJR) current sense module for Classic provides battery state of charge and is included with this product. This system is also available using the Schneider Conext SW2524 or the Schneider Conext SW4048

FEATURES: Environmental Rating – Type 1 (Indoor) Schneider Electric Conext SW Pre-Wired 4024 120/240 vac Inverter for Off Grid Schneider System Control panel SW E-Panel MidNite Back Plate (MNSW-BP) AC Bypass Assembly Classic 150 charge controller with DC-GFP (Ground Fault protection) and Arc Fault protection built in. Three MNSPD300’s (Surge Protection Devices) 250 amp Battery Main Breaker for the SW Inverter Warranty – 5 yrs. MidNite E-Panel, Classic Charge Contoller and SPD’s made in the USA Schneider SW Inverter made in India Listed by ETL for US & Canada. General labor for assembly, test and crating included Truck Freight Only NOTE: MidNite does not warranty Schneider components. Charge Controller options For help sizing the Classics please try our String Sizing tool

Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 49.5 × 29 × 14.5 in


Midnite Solar

Midnite Solar is a US-based manufacturer of advanced solar charge controllers, inverters, and other power electronics, designed to optimize and manage solar energy systems. The company is based in Arlington, Washington, and has been providing high-quality solar products for more than 20 years. Midnite Solar's product line includes a range of charge controllers and inverters that are designed to work seamlessly with solar panels, batteries, and other components, providing customers with a reliable and efficient source of solar power. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Midnite Solar's products are built to withstand harsh environments and deliver exceptional performance, making them a top choice for residential, commercial, and industrial solar applications.

REC Solar

REC Solar is a leading solar energy company, specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality solar panels and other solar products. The company's products are designed to provide reliable and efficient solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. REC Solar's product line includes a wide range of solar panels, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline models, as well as energy storage solutions and other related components. With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, REC Solar has established itself as a trusted name in the renewable energy industry. Its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy has made it a top choice for customers seeking a reliable and cost-effective solar energy solution.

Schneider Electric


What's Included

24VDC Off-Grid System Complete and pre-wired 1,740W Pre-Wired Off-Grid System :

  • PV Yearly Production Projection: 1500-2500kWh

Solar PV array composed of:

  • (6) REC TWIN PEAK 290W Monocrystalline Black Solar Panel or compatible

Midnite Solar MNSW4024-CL150 pre-wired system composed of:

  • (1) Midnite Classic 150 MPPT Charge Controller
  • (1) Midnite Solar Schneider Conext SW E-Panel MNE175SW
  • (1) Schneider Conext SW4024 NA Inverter/Charger
  • (1) Schneider Conext System Control Panel
  • (1) MidNite Solar MNSW-BP Back Plate
  • (1) AC Bypass Assembly
  • (3) Midnite MNSPD300 Surge Protection Device
  • (1) 175A Main Battery Breaker
  • (1)MNPV6 Combiner
  • (2) MNEPV-15 Breaker
  • (1) 84 inch 4/0 Black UL Listed Cobra X-Flex battery cables(Red)
  • (1) 84 inch 4/0 Black UL Listed Cobra X-Flex battery cable (Black)

Battery bank composed of:

  • (4) Surrette S-480 486Ah, 6V Deep Cycle Battery
  • (2) 50ft MC4 10AWG output PV-Cable

Battery Capacity = ~4000Watt-hr @50% DOD & 50C