17.1 kWh Panasonic EverVolt DC Coupled Battery System EVDC-105-6

The Panasonic EverVolt EVDC-105-6 Standard model is a DC-coupled 17.1 kWh battery storage system that installs easily with new solar PV installations. The EverVolt energy storage system will save you money by using your stored energy during expensive peak rate hours or by selling your surplus energy back to the local utility. Since solar panels produce DC power, the solar panels can directly charge the battery. Connecting DC-coupled battery storage to your solar panel system results in less power loss which means higher power efficiency and provides greater usability.

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The EverVolt EVDC-105-6 features a modular design with an integrated 5.5 kW DC 120/240Vac inverter and PowerHub programmable controller. The EverVolt Standard model delivers 7.2 kW of continuous battery output power and 9 hours backup capability. With the EverVolt home energy storage system, you can instantly power your residence and run appliances longer during power shutoffs and grid outages. UL certified and backed by a 10-year warranty from Panasonic for peace of mind. Optimize your solar investment with the Panasonic EverVolt.

Product Features

  • DC-coupled models deliver higher power efficiency and provide greater usability
  • For off-grid, backup power, grid-tied (self-supply/time-of-use) applications
  • Couple on-grid power with PV solar for grid independence
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Pre-programmed Time-Of-Use (TOU) settings help you manage your energy use and cost
  • User friendly app to easily see your systems performance
  • Three main components for simple installation
  • 10-year Panasonic warranty

Additional information

Weight 133 lbs




Product Line

EverVolt Energy Storage



Model Size



DC Coupled

Total Energy

20.3 kWh

Usable Energy

17.1 kWh

Battery Continuous Output Power

7.2 kW

Battery Continuous Output Current

25 A

Average Backup Capability

9 hours – ***Based on average residential electricity consumption for 2017

Maximum Continuous Output Power for Off-Grid/Backup

5.5 kW

Maximum Continuous Output Power With Grid Support (Self-Supply/TOU):

7.0 kW

Maximum Peak Output Power for Off-Grid/Backup:

7.5 kW

Maximum Peak Output Power With Grid Support (Self-Supply/TOU):

9.6 kW

Rated Output Current (RMS) for Off-Grid/Backup:

23A @ 120V / 240V

Rated Output Current (RMS) With Grid Support (Self-Supply/TOU)

29A @ 120V / 240V

Nominal AC Voltage for Off-Grid/Backup

120V / 240V

Nominal AC Voltage With Grid Support (Self-Supply/TOU):

120V / 240V

Grid Frequency (Auto Sensing) for Off-Grid/Backup

50Hz / 60Hz

Grid Frequency (Auto Sensing) With Grid Support (Self-Supply/TOU)

50Hz / 60Hz

Overcurrent Protection Device


Nominal DC Battery Voltage


Round Trip Efficiency (AC Coupled/DC Coupled)

84% / 89%

Inverter Dimensions (HXWXD)

39 x 17.6 x 5.9 inch [990 x 448 x 150 mm]

Battery Cabinet Dimensions (HXWXD)

24.2 x 65.5 x 10 in. [615 x 1664 x 245 mm]

Inverter Weight

86.8 lbs [39.4 kg]

Battery Cabinet Weight

106 lbs [48.1 kg]

Battery Module Weight (each)

55 lbs [25 kg]


NEMA 1 Indoor



Operating Temperature (charge)

41°F to 131°F [5°C to 55°C]

Operating Temperature (discharge)

32°F to 122°F [0°C to 50°C]

Storage Temperature


Max Altitude

9843 ft. [3000 m]


UL 1741SA, UL 1973, UL 1642, UL 9540**, CSA C22.2, IEEE 1547A, IEEE 1547.1, FCC Class B


10 years



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