All-In-One Systems

We offer complete and pre-wired systems, they come with wiring diagrams and outstanding technical support.


Designed for Off-Grid or DC-Coupled use and ranging from 1.2KW to 7KW of power rating, our selection of All-In-One Systems offer you an opportunity to choose from a pre-selected assortment of parts resulting in a proven and robust turn-key solution. In addition, all packages offer a choice of system racking, roof/ground mount or pole mount, as well as the choice to include a rapid shutdown upgrade, giving you flexibility to install according to your specific and unique need. Solerus Energy’s All-In-One Systems also offers these packages across a wide spectrum of price points, so there is sure to be a package for almost any budget. Be sure to explore the options below and find the All-In-One System that is right for you.