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Exploring the 330 Watt N330 HIT Panasonic Solar Panels

One of the world’s most respected brands, Panasonic has earned its reputation by creating products that enrich almost every aspect of modern living.

Panasonic’s solar division continues this legacy with a clear goal: to produce the most advanced, efficient, and longest-lasting solar panels in the world.

The 330-watt N330 HIT solar panel from Panasonic is one of the most exceptional modules on the market. It combines the newest cell technology with industry-leading performance, backed by one of the best warranties on the market.

About Panasonic Solar Panels

For more than 40 years, Panasonic has been a world leader in solar panel research and development. In 1980, it was the first company to commercialize amorphous solar cells, which are still used today in watches, calculators, and many consumer electronic devices. In 1994, Panasonic began the development of residential solar panels, and over the last 25 years has firmly established itself as a world leader in photovoltaics.

Panasonic’s goal has always been to use engineering and innovation to set new benchmarks in solar technology. Over the years, the company has set multiple world records (including breaking many that the company already held) and has been one of the most awarded solar brands in the industry.

With unwavering quality standards and a commitment to improving its technology, it’s easy to see why Panasonic is universally regarded as a premium solar panel brand.

Record-Setting HIT Cell Technology

Decades of innovation by Panasonic have culminated in the HIT solar cell, which stands for Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer. Combining ultra-thin layers of both monocrystalline and amorphous silicon, HIT cells capture more of the available sunlight and convert it into electricity. This unique cell structure results in one of the most powerful solar panels in the world, with a module efficiency of 19.7% generated from 96 HIT cells.

The Panasonic N330 HIT is particularly well-suited to dwellings with limited roof area, or for system owners looking to install the most powerful array possible. For solar contractors, these high-efficiency modules also help to reduce their balance of system, transport, and warehousing costs.

Ultra Heat-Tolerant Cells for Maximum Power Yield

As all PV installers know, the performance of solar panels is affected by high temperatures. Due to an innovative design and the incorporation of amorphous silicon, HIT cells maintain excellent efficiency in warm and hot conditions. In fact, Panasonic’s HIT cells were formally recognized in Japan in 2017 as the most heat-tolerant solar cells in the world. The power temperature coefficient of the N330 is just -0.26/°C – which is up to 20% better than other brands on the market.

The heat-tolerance of Panasonic’s N330 modules results in higher energy production over the year and makes them particularly advantageous in hot climates. This performance boost is especially prevalent when using solar to meet the power demand of air conditioning systems, which can account for up to 27% of total household power consumption.

A New Benchmark in Solar Panel Warranties

Panasonic’s solar panel warranty sets a standard that far exceeds almost every other brand on the market. Backed by advanced HIT technology, Panasonic offers a linear performance warranty guaranteeing 90.7% output after 25 years of operation. In addition, the performance warranty is matched with a 25-year product warranty, provided the installation is registered within 60 days of installation. And taking this a step further, Panasonic’s workmanship warranty also covers parts, labor, and even shipping costs.

The exceptional quality of these panels – combined with Panasonic’s dedication to product support – creates a value proposition that benefits every type of solar contractor.

In Short: An Exceptional Solar Panel

By any measure, the HIT N330 from Panasonic is a premium solar panel with a host of incredible benefits. With trendsetting efficiency, brilliant hot weather performance, and an unparalleled warranty – Panasonic’s HIT solar panels should be the first choice of any solar contractor seeking a top-of-the-line module.

And while the N330 may come at a slightly higher price point than some other brands, Panasonic is a name that consumers already know and trust. This brand recognition, combined with the module’s unique selling points, assures all system owners that choosing Panasonic is a wise long-term investment.

Would You Like to Know More About Panasonic Solar Panels?

Solerus Energy is proud to be an official Panasonic Installation Partner, supplying N330 HIT solar panels as well as design, layout, shading, and solar quote services.

For more information about how Panasonic solar panels can enhance your business, speak with one of our solar experts and we’ll be glad to provide more information.

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